Sales Counters

Inspire client trust, organize displays and technology


  • single counters (®oliver, ®Ral2)
  • double counters (®oliver, ®Ral2, ®lea)
  • continuous counters (®Ral1)
  • counters on wheels (®liv)
  • counters with integrated seating (®simon, ®Ral4)
  • nature product counters (®Ral Classic)
  • promotion counters
  • semi-top counters for wall displays
  • make up station
  • nail bar
Banchi farmacia


  • Corian/marble/quartzite/wood leaf/crystal
  • LED backlit Plexiglas covering
  • Skay in Ral colors
  • lacquered MDF6 and drawers in Ral colors
  • 5 essence wood leaf covering
  • aluminum/copper covering
  • fiberglass covering(®simon)
  • brushed steel base
  • hardware drawer in extruded aluminum on Teflon spheres
Pharmacy counters can help you work better and sell more

Optimize your work

  • plexiglas stepladder display (®Ral2)
  • integrated Corian stepladder display (®Ral2/®Ral1)
  • satellite computer/till holders
  • pos/scanner/satellite bag tray
  • circular Plexiglas and Mondrian displays for satellite
  • paper/bag tray holders
  • till tray
  • top-integrated scanner
  • crystal display windows
  • integrated seating (®Ral4/®simon)
  • extractible base for cables etc.
  • hidden cables
  • cable holders on sides or top

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