the new container on wheels for promotions

Palbox® is so much more than a beautiful hamper for promotions! Thanks to its restrainable wheels you will be able to move it around as you wish.


Appealing “promotions islands” can be created and the clients’ commercial pathways within the Pharmacy can be effectively organized. 


You can immediately purchase it online and easily install it in full autonomy thanks to its handy user guide.

  • Material: Transparent Plexiglas 6 mm thk
  • Dimensioni:49 L x 39 P x 140 H
  • Caratteristiche: spostabile su ruote, tasca per cartelloni pubblicitari
  • Design: Sartoretto Verna™️

Palbox® is the SMART solution you were after for your Pharmacy.


A double tray on top for promotions, two front cases for displaying bulky products such as diapers, tissues or water bottles.


Make your promotions more noticeable and performant!


Each  Palbox® can be placed beside another one in order to create functional “promotions islands”.


Make sure you control the clientele’s pathway! 


You can ensure people respect due distances by realizing and communicating a commercial pathway in compliance with the Covid-19. Thanks to the 4 wheels (two of them equipped with brakes), you will be allowed to quickly move your Palbox® around even without closing your Pharmacy.


The top part will come handy for organizing the communication in an easy way: you can just print the message on your own and put it in the plexiglas pocket-case which the Palbox is equipped with.

Designed for 4 different uses

-1- It can act an island straight at the pharmacy entrance, or alternatively within a selected area (4 or 6 modules can also be either flanked to each other or placed back against back)

-2- It can be placed tight along the wall, each one beside the other in order for example to settle and display all the diapers for babies.

-3- It can be used as an End-Cap for our Central Stand Gondolas GO-PLEXI®

-4- A set of Palbox® can work as a tall barrier before the Counter Desks for either advertising promotions and offering privacy.

If you order now ONLINE you will be saving the costs of installation. Thanks to our user guide for installation within the packaging, you will be quickly able to set Palbox® in place. AS EASY AS A LEGO SYSTEM. The system is in fact an interlocking one and does not need any assembling toolkit.


Please order now and Palbox® will be directly at your pharmacy in a few days.

OFFER 500 €

Transportation cost via express courier NOT included



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