The new SV pharmacy in Turks and Caicos, Caribbean: The Family choice for all the people of the island!


Waves of fresh pharmacy design have reached the Caribbean island via our first pharmacy built in the British Overseas territory Turks & Caicos .

The 120 sqm. area, which opens to public in June 2013, will herald Italian quality, and Sartoretto Verna innovation to the region. The uniqueness of this island location has made the project especially interesting and charming. We strongly focused on giving the pharmacy a native Caribbean look and feel to our design, because it’s not only a pharmacy for local residents, but it is also designed for the worldwide tourists who flock to the Caribbean sun and sand.

The design maximizes “open space” for retail use, mainly because of its alluring location in a high-end, residential and tourist area . As the only full-service pharmacy in the island, it is equipping with special display areas that are meant especially for tourists and travelers.

The retail areas are well demarcated, enhancing the capacity for customers to select most products on their own. The body care and health care areas are well integrated with a colorful atmosphere that is truly Caribbean. And, above it all, and surely an attention grabber for the customer, is the “starry sky” ceiling.
The baby parking area wall is designed with the features of North pole – something “outlandish” to the Caribbean kids will surely excite them!
To meet the challenges of the salty sea-winds and maritime environment, we used mostly salt-resistant materials like aluminum and glass; and in other cases, the materials were coated by Lacquer in order to minimize the maintenance. Additionally, all the exhibitors are raised from the ground for cleaning and flooding purposes.
The project also  included a medical center connected with the pharmacy. In the walk- in medical clinic, there are several consultation rooms designed for a wide range of  fast and accurate medical services.

Completed with all the necessary FAMILY CARE and tourists services, this new SV design will surely be the island’s  “FAMILIES CHOICE”.