4303 Victory Dr, Austin, TX 78704 (USA) |

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The target was to refurbish and remodel part of the Pharmacy by small and different interventions:


1) inserting a kitchen with the purpose of providing the clients with classes in nutrition and cooking lessons on topics such as diabetic people, a healthy and balanced diet to lose weight and so on;


2) replacing  the existent prescription counter;


3) creating a small room in an area in front of the pharmacy inside entrance and the existent reception desk for the clinic;

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The Victory Medical is a state-of-the-art clinic with a combination of modern equipment and artistic look.  Sartoretto Verna was focused on interpreting the Clinic inner-core soul and release the same also inside the Pharmacy. In that respect, some design lights were adopted, a modern and captivating graphics concept with Health & famous quotations and colors such as pure white and cobalt blue. The existing cafeteria was completely dismantled and re-considered as a little kitchen for educational activities. A little corner for self-service beverage and some snacks was tolerated though!


The very long counter-desk was replaced with several punctual drop-off & pick-up counters (mod. LEA designed by Sartoretto Verna). To celebrate Austin we inserted images of the city skylight.


On the outside direction there is a sort of lobby connected with both the Clinic’s main entry and the proper one, on the building side. There is the possibility  to directly view access the laboratory as well, so patients can take a look of the place where all the preparations take place.


The same was equipped with a plexiglass backlight  counter with the idea of becoming a commercial magnet for potential clients and a welcoming point for events and promotions.