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pharmacy furniture Italy


In the RESTYLING of the Farmacia del Tricolle in Ariano Irpino (AV), we focused on transforming a place not only for sales, but primarily for prevention and wellness. We recognized the importance of creating a space able to respond to the evolution of the pharmaceutical sector, where digitalization and innovation are increasingly at the forefront.


Our aim was to provide an environment that is both welcoming and functional. We believe that design and lighting are crucial for the commercial success of modern and competitive pharmacies. Our work focused on creating a unique experience for users, providing an organized, well-lit, and welcoming space, capable of meeting their needs and fostering customer loyalty.

pharmacy furniture Italy
pharmacy furniture Italy


RE-invent the space, maintaining closeness to the local area and always putting patients’ needs at the center.


The concept behind our project for the Farmacia del Tricolle was to combine tradition and innovation. This resulted in the creation of a warm, intimate and welcoming environment, integrated with the latest telemedicine tools and spaces dedicated to first-instance analysis.


The spaces were designed to communicate and offer prevention and wellness services, with a reception process designed to minimize waiting times. This was made possible thanks to a careful study of the paths, services, and communication. The circular seats, for example, placed under red oak trees, welcome and captivate visitors. The corten sign at the entrance helps direct customers from the pharmacy to the health center.


At the center of the premises, a new service room equipped with the latest lighting technology, sound absorption, and air treatment. The curved glass walls, adjustable to transparent or opaque thanks to a special digital film, visually communicate the new screening and prevention activities. Inside is a professional and reassuring environment. The equipment includes a comfortable electronically adjustable bed, a support cart for medical equipment, and a movable desk on wheels for consultations.


The Restyling of the Farmacia del Tricolle is a perfect example of how Sartoretto Verna™ can constantly improve the image, space, and commercial performance of pharmacies through the sharing of a specific market strategy with the client.


Comment from the owner, Dr. Roberto Memmolo on the renovated spaces:

“We live and tell the evolution of the Italian Pharmacy day by day, so the spaces from which this story arises must evolve. In an era in which we have experienced the upheaval of our habits and lifestyles, we have imagined a warmer, more intimate and welcoming environment. Without forgetting, however, technology, which is an increasingly central tool in our idea of Pharmacy. More space therefore for telemedicine and first-instance analysis with new service rooms, new equipment, and a reception process designed to minimize waiting times. The renewal of Farmacia del Tricolle moves towards greater closeness to our territory and innovation will always be an essential element of our journey.”