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pharmacy furniture Italy
pharmacy furniture Italy
pharmacy furniture Italy
pharmacy furniture Italy


Creating an “instagrammable” pharmacy, sales choreography for a careful selection of products and services by its owner, a well-known “Pharmagrammer”.


The occasion is the purchasing of new premises to relocate the “Montesano Pharmacy” situated along the Marcellana wayout, a village of 6,000 inhabitants in Cilento, in the province of Salerno.


Dr Vincenzo Spinelli, a long-experienced pharmacist, has achieved popularity on social networks over the years, thanks to his well-known nickname “@ilfarmacistaviaggiatore”. Today he is an appreciated pharmainfluencer with over 38,000 followers on Instagram.


The goal was to create a unique and exciting pharmacy able to attract, amaze and entertain its customers and patients.

The new premises, with three large shop windows on the main road at the entrance to the village, offer a memorable panoramic view of the surrounding valleys. An “instagrammable” place for a perfect selfie! but above all a welcoming pharmacy, a point of reference for the local community as well as for any traveler passing-by.

pharmacy furniture Italy


Expert pharmacists in homeopathy and phytotherapy.

The Spinelli Pharmacy aims to become a reference point for the citizens of Montesano on the Marcellana, Vallo di Diano and Cilento wayout by offering the sale of selected cosmetic, natural and make-up products and for the well-being of the whole body.


Already from the street, one cannot help but notice the luminous images hanging from the suspended ceiling. Awesome floral and mountain landscape images immerse the passerby in the joyful and bright atmosphere of the Pharmacy.


Crossing the entrance threshold, the sensation is one of amazement and relaxation at the same time: tables and seats in front of the counter dedicated to the “biobar”, thanks to which you can taste delicious herbal teas and infusions. A suspended greenhouse lamp together with luminous bamboo in colored Plexiglas together define the design of the spaces, completing the choreography. Which pharmacy looks like this to its customers? A message of well-being, relaxation and will to live.


In the over 200 square meters of premises, there is an area dedicated to the Medical Spa, to carry out curative wellness and beauty treatments thanks to specialized personnel and dedicated machinery.


The pharmacy also has a well-organized consulting and telemedicine room, located in the center of the sales rooms and a department entirely dedicated to the diet of diabetics, celiacs, nephropaths and those who choose a low-calorie diet.