Salvatore Pharmacy

Via Pietro Nenni, 50, 71121 Foggia FG –

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Creating “the house of health”, a 360 ° response to the health and well-being needs of a intensive populated district of Foggia

The availability of space is combined with the Salvatore family’s desire (father Pasquale and 4 siblings Anna, Pietro, Marco and Mauro, all pharmacists), to create something unique.

“We are deeply rooted in our territory. In all these years we have listened to the needs and desires of our community. We are a family of passionate pharmacists and after difficult years, we wanted to offer something more to our collaborators and customers:


  • a more welcoming and intimate place;
  • greater privacy;
  • a wider range of products and services;
  • entertainment and spaces for discovery and relationship;
  • in two words: “the house of health”.

We wanted to go through a fresh start, 20 years after the last renovation, and enhance our selection of products and services through a sales choreography capable of touching people’s hearts.

Sartoretto Verna has been able to combine multiple points of view in a single vision, rationalize spaces, and organize new services by improving customer relations through open and bright environments “

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5 service rooms

  • 7 distinct and separate workstations
  • 1 outdoor courtyard dedicated to events
  • 1 make-up area
  • 1 baby parking
  • 1 rest / waiting area / sofas

The new Salvatore Pharmacy, from the outside, aims to communicate a new positioning: the “italic” font of the laser-cut luminous sign on the façade cladding is the signature of a new approach to health in the pharmacy.


The façade designed in this way has the task of improving energy efficiency, hiding the cables and protecting the same from the wear and tear of time and any acts of vandalism.


After entering you remain “upside down”. The path of stabilized plants on the ceiling guides customers to discover the wide range of products and consultancy services far beyond the Prescription desks with access to the outdoor courtyard dedicated to meetings and training events.


After entering the pharmacy, one is facing the information desk, where it is possible to book or be attended upon the services happening within the two generous consultation rooms behind the beauty area.


The sweet and relaxing sound of the waterfall placed at the entrance, projects customers into the fresh and relaxing mood that develops along the entire path of the public.


The operators’ stations have been separated and arranged throughout the footage in order to provide customers with better assistance and greater privacy.


At the entrance, organized throughout a booking and reception desk, there is the bright dermo cosmetic products department with skin analyzer and make-up on sight.


The communication has been studied in every single detail: from the fonts, to the colors, up to the images selected to clearly identify each department. Sartoretto Verna systems allow maximum flexibility. The light curtains, for example, can be updated in a few steps and directly by the pharmacy staff.


The new pharmacy logo is full of meaning. Five satellites of the same solar system represent the five owners as part of a single family: the wealth and strength of a vision built by the healthy confrontation of very different personalities. The new claim is this one: “the house of health”.


“We have thought of a new pharmacy to welcome, treat and care our community for.


A courageous choice was to dedicate 25% of the interior spaces to services in conjunction with 5 rooms equipped for carrying out the new services in the Pharmacy. In the first few months we already see a doubling of ECG performance.


We had the desire to make something truly unique and beautiful for our people.

Committing ourselves to improving people’s lives, communicating joy and aggregation, have always been part of our pharmacy vision. “