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“We actually contacted Sartoretto Verna as a result of a growing urge to have a major sea-change within the Pharmacy layout”


The aim looked at increasing the shelving display and improving the products visibility. At the same time, we wanted to create a comfortable and appealing environment able to arouse emotions.


Replacing the traditional Pharma Drawer Columns with a robotic system organized downstairs, has given the possibility to Sartoretto Verna’s creativity to make the most of all the retailing area. All the spaces were redistributed in a more rational way. A new commercial pathway was introduced throughout pharmacy zones thanks to transparent central stands. Special areas were implemented for paying attention to the different services prioritization. The new information points were created at the entrance in order to improve the client’s purchasing experience.


A special focus was reserved to the cosmetic area by stressing design elements with a strong visual impact such as a masterful use of lights and some display stands which enlighten the products and make them precious and easy to the clients’ eye .


In addition to that, a little relax area was provided by a chair and desk with the aim of making possible to measure one’s blood pressure or ask for a consultancy.

We are very thankful to all the communication staff, including the ones behind the brand creation. They were able to give shape to our idea of pharmacy as a place of wellness to be pursued with modern and sophisticated  colors”.


Dr. Cinzia Di Siena



The pharmacy is located within a residential area in the south of Rome. It faces a piazza which is the neighborhood meeting point.  

The premises are rather complex from a structural point of view as they are divided either by a 40cm floor step and the presence of a stairway and goods lift. There was a 52 sqm of retail space to be valorized at the most.

The environment after the refurbishment results very luminous, even thanks to the wide shop windows which filter the sunlight. The lighting elements’ choice gives rise to a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The client is positively affected by that and the pharmacists do not suffer an aggressive commercial environment.

Positive vibes, elegance and professionalism can be found all over the pharmacy. The warm colors and natural materials (wood and corten steel) make the area exclusive and sophisticated.


The pharmacy’s new identity was studied up to the detail. The logo, the images, the communication outside and inside the pharmacy space were articulated to clearly give an order throughout areas and services. A welcoming and playful character, happiness and beauty. A livable place to be attended within one’s own neighborhood.

Farmacia Di Siena Lobby