Fontana Pharmacy – Massarosa (LU)

automation, sales path revolving around services

Project challenges

  • create a new image
  • automated medication dispensing system
  • create areas that allow interaction between customers and products
  • increase customer area
  • create suitable spaces for new services
  • create self-service path
  • increase self-service area
  • increase communication

Results Obtained

  • new sales path revolving around a central service area
  • 5 different levels of communication thanks to the Ral5 system
  • Maximum visibility of items with shelf lighting
  • innovative make-up area for cosmetics
  • automation and cashguard
  • customer privacy at monostations

Service: A Core Element of the Pharmacy

The Fontana Pharmacy in Massarosa (in the province of Lucca) has completely changed its look and identity, focusing on communication and relationships with customers in order to strengthen its product and service offer.

An automated dispensing system, cashguard to manage payments, ®Ral5 system to promote product information on 5 different levels.

Customers follow a specific sales path. Their visit is guided, from the moment they step into the store, up until the moment before they exit and pay upon medication delivery.

Marketing in a Professional Environment

Customers who enter this Tuscan pharmacy are offered a completely new shopping experience. Well-organized and displayed products, enhanced by LED shelf lighting. All this without sacrificing design, an increasingly important element for a pharmacy that aims to expand its health & wellness and prevention markets.

5 Different Levels of Communication 

Each display stand features 5 different levels of communication to present products in an easy, intuitive manner. The systems are modular and extremely flexible, allowing you to “change every day.” No visible wires, aluminum and white glass to minimize dust handling, advanced inventory system to rapidly restock shelves and accommodate “bulky” items that are difficult to stack on the shelves.

Our contribution

Strategic analysis

Project Management (building and decor)

Communication analysis

Organization of sales and service areas

Category management and visual merchandising

Final design and lighting plan

Furniture assembly and installation

Exterior design and communication

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