Kartinki Pharmacy – Voronezh (Russia)

flagship store for a new pharmacy chain

Project challenges

  • concept creation for a new chain of pharmacies
  • creation of a flagship store for the chain
  • classic style
  • experience past and present within the same environment
  • strong connection with territory
Kartinki pharmacy design

The results

  • unique identity
  • creation of a path sales
  • maximum visibility from the street
  • creation of a high impact customer experience
  • bright atmosphere
  • a strong visual impact from outside

A Unique Flagship Store

Voronezh is a city of about 1 million inhabitants in southwestern European Russia, near the Ukrainian border. The goal of the new Kartinki drugstore chain was to create a completely new concept, a welcoming environment, an open area with a unique atmosphere that is both classic and modern and brings together the past and the future. “Local customers enjoy traditional settings. I want to aim toward the future,” was the CEO’s request.

Teamwork to Achieve the Best Results

In this pharmacy, customers can enjoy a new shopping experience that guides them from the past to the future. “Customers feel at home, they spend more time in the pharmacy and can easily find what they’re looking for, thanks to a careful study of brand communications… and they’ll discover much more.” We immediately teamed up with Sartoretto Verna, with specific goals in mind. I didn’t have to waste time and energy analyzing the dozens of proposals I found waiting on my desk every morning. I needed an exceptional company for an exceptional project.”

Well-being is the Common Goal

How do you convince customers that you’re offering the best of what’s around if you’re not convinced in the first place? How can you ignore the importance of an environment that promotes well-being, energy, health? How can you not strive for happiness and take pride with them in the places you grew up in and that you are living in? Whoever walks into a store today, gives up the convenience and lower prices of buying products online, you have to have a good reason! We step into a coffee shop or a good restaurant because we expect something (visual, olfactory, etc.), we feel good about it and feel that it’s worth spending money on. The same thing happens in a pharmacy!

The Voronezh flagship and Sartoretto Verna have reinterpreted Russian traditions: a flying carpet where the famous Voronezh theater puppet greets customers from the windows. Today, pharmacies can be a friendly place where colors and materials increase the length of customers’ stay within the store. Mud-bricks, antique apothecary jars, classic and modern furnishings creating a warm contrast. A unique light that attracts hundreds of passerby’s every day.

Our contribution

Brand identity

Concept & format design

Territory and competitor analysis

Strategic analysis

Project Management (building and decor)

Information and communication development

Communication analysis

Furniture assembly and installation




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