Al Moosa General Hospital – Alahsa (Saudi Arabia)

leaving a mark on the territory

Project challenges

  • skyscraper under construction
  • unskilled local construction workers
  • glass facade
  • connection to the hospital
  • new store areas
  • creation of new services

Results obtained

  • 2,000 customers daily
  • new format was a national success
  • self-testing area for the first time in a Saudi Arabian pharmacy
  • strong identification with the territory

Vision of the Future

The objective of the Almoosa hospital was to transfer the pharmacy to the hospital’s new tower (which was under construction), as part of a larger project to expand and modernize its services. The pharmacy’s goal was to attract attention to all new activities, “despite the free market which features a wide range of competing pharmacies, we have achieved ours goals and strengthened our business as well as our reputation as pioneers.”


“The objective was to improve the visibility of our pharmacy, which is located in a high traffic area. We decided to enlarge our shop windows to make the inside more visible, since the store tends to become one with the sidewalk. We added a sign and a logo that emphasize our professionalism, even more than the products we sell, by using lights and a unique, but sober design, in order to convey a reassuring presence. We chose larger areas, without sacrificing space. Space is our most valuable ally, not only for the display areas, but also to continue offering new services to our customers and our staff. “

Times have changed

The demographic growth and the gradual increase in the elderly population due to medical discoveries is bringing not only new customers, but loyal customers to pharmacies, if you know how to offer them the advice and assistance they need. This pharmacy has succeeded in “making architecture”, by creating a stimulating environment to engage customers. How? In several different ways. By diversifying the environment in a way that clearly defines each section, making it more recognizable and adding value to your products.

The “Drug Store system”, with shelves stacked against the walls or at the center of the store, is obsolete, leaving customers at the mercy of random products. We know that customers need assistance when faced with a huge offer and that they purchase products from those who know how to give them the right advice and assistance. We have turned advice into action, by adding specialized health and prevention service areas, as well as beauty consultations. We are training our staff so that they can provide quality services and assistance to all of our customers. The Almoosa pharmacy has become an example for pharmacies in Saudi Arabia. Every decision we make demonstrates the value we give to our city, neighborhood, street and the people who live there.

“Sartoretto Verna creates unique designs, through the use of materials, colors and lights that offer a magical atmosphere where customers from all walks of life can feel at home. Design isn’t just about creating a visual effect, it’s about stimulating the senses through a specific look and feel.

Our contribution

Brand identity

Strategic analysis

Project Management (building and decor)

Communication analysis

Category management and visual merchandising

Final design and lighting plan

Exterior design analysis and communication

Furniture assembly and installation




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