4100 Eldorado Parkway ,McKinney75070 , Dallas TX (USA) |


The Pharmacist Tabraiz Khan was willing to open a Start-up compounding Pharmacy and had the wish to create a wellness centre within a residential ghetto in Dallas, Texas. The owner’s vision upon his pharmacy was to set up something warm, earthy, and organic with a lot of light wood tones. In Texas, people like to see rustic/classic elements and they want to do just this but with a touch of modern and edge. The mission then was to put together a place to hang out at evening before going back home. The idea of need and disease had to be shifted into wellness and pleasantness.


We were asked to consider as well a sort of natural environment to be part of the Pharmacy’s character. In conjunction with that, a small cafeteria needed to be inserted to sell Texas presents and souvenirs.

The compounding Pharmacy was supposed to reveal to patients either a sort of lab idea and the possibility to go through many services and tailor-made consultancies.


The aim was to divide the whole area in category rooms with different services. Each of them created to amaze and involve to purchase.


On top of that there was a hanging wooden grid with many plants to give the idea of a suspended garden leading the client straight up to the very back of pharmacy with the over the counter products and pharmacy prescriptions. A open-space laboratory and a minor room for vaccines and consultancies were completing the arrangement.


A self-service cafeteria was arranged at the entrance area as to be able to watch an informational video on the Pharmacy, as well as some touristic news upon Dallas. Just a space to relax as one is waiting to get his own prescription.

The tiffany blue color, in conjunction with white and wood, were combined with a very soft graphic concept. The result was way away from being intrusive, specifically conceived to be soft and gently counteract the aggressive commercial spots.

Pharma 1 Pharmacy
Pharma 1 Pharmacy
Pharma 1 Pharmacy