Nuvola Health & Beauty

Dharan Mall gate 5, Dammam (Ksa)

nuvola pharmacy


“The goal is wellness achieved by design“, says arch. Fiona Sartoretto Verna–a design that embodies the thinking of the customer, and is for the customer. To achieve this, you need to attend to the details.

We create the instant impression of a never seen before layout, in the form of a cylinder shape expò. External to the cylinder, the products are divided by brands; the huge inventory of products, comes to have a focused visibility through designed categorization which at the same time enhances self service.

Nuvola pharmacy design


Inside the cylinder, there is designed space for all kinds of product promotions, consultation & advice, and ‘wellness corners’. The customer is considered a guest that can easily approach and touch products , as well as having the option to test the product through requests for ‘gold services’.


Advice and consultations will help guests to choose the right products for individual needs, additionally there are ‘event spaces’ for brands that allow for ‘Beauty parties’ for men and women.


Ksa is very particular market so we had to study the consumer behavior for a long period of time, as we felt the need to create something special where women feel like they are both at home, and in a more formal luxurious space. The promotions and consultation spaces are ‘semi-transparent’, and so allow promoters, and consultants to work in space that are not secluded. “With the Nuvola chain, Saudi Arabia is floating into the future, creating a store that is nothing less than an airy act of love towards the customer”.