City Centre, Astana (KAZAKHSTAN)



Sartoretto Verna was involved in designing a very important venue of a Kazakh chain of pharmacies. The “Sanario” chain is situated within the country capital, Astana, along one of the most important commercial arterials and just in front of the Council of Ministers. A new idea of pharmacy was requested in here. A place with an outstanding range of services focused on clients. A fully automated system and a visual criterion for products displacement were also part of the scene.


The client requested an artistic and unconventional layout, something not related to the drugstores market policies and eventually a pharmacy which could catch the attention of clients throughout its big curved shop windows along the main commercial street.



The Pharmacy opening and its innovative space concept fully automated was source of astonishment since the very beginning.  Many inhabitants in Astana were driven by curiosity to visit the new flagship store and get an appreciation of it. The commercial echo of the whole operation invested the national TV programs as well. Some reports were in fact fully-dedicated to the event. Let’s delve into the specifications though, to better understand all the innovations. The Pharmacy of “Mir Sanario” Chain offers its clients a new and luminous image in line with the radical changes which Astana is going through. Many media-sources are commonly referring to the city as the “Asian Dubai”.


Beside new buildings such as the Khan Shatyr designed by Archistar Norman Foster, and a ceaselessly changing city skyline, the new pharmacy is clearly reflecting this process of growth throughout a modern and effective layout. The pharmacy was supposed to be open to clients by leading and advising them towards some wellness lifestyle principles. New products are proposed thanks to functional spaces and an excellent visual communication.


The “Mir Sanario” Chain has been the first to believe in a Pharmacy image technologically innovative. A place to be both functionally and aesthetically amazing. This strategic choice turned out to be a winning one in the end, since the pharmacy accomplished, after few weeks since the opening, a measurable and substantial increase of sales.


The project creates product areas with a distinctive criterion. The Chain Logo had been referred to once the colors had to be selected. The visual communication of products results to clients very straightforward and immediate. The area for children care is organized with a little playground area to entertain the small ones as their mothers are busy with their shopping. The Pharmacy is equipped with a generous range of both services and consultancies. Many in-house facilities have been conceived such as a total Wifi coverage, call-center to be dedicated to people in need of it, and the possibility to have products delivered at home. Materials have been organized throughout the glass and aluminium in order to make the area result very luminous. The ethical area has been managed by a Twintec robot provided by Technilab. The service has dramatically been speeded up. However, people accessing the place are more than willing to meander here to get a solid appreciation of a futuristic place!