Dr. Bocca’s Pharmacy – San Polo dei Cavalieri (RM)

the best investment with a restrained budget

Project Challenges

  • restrained budget
  • limited choices due to building owner restrictions
  • non-specialized local construction company
  • optimization of exposed walls
  • load-bearing wall

Results Obtained

  • exposure tripled
  • new self-testing area
  • optimized workspace
  • improved customer privacy at the counter
  • welcoming, bright environment
  • clear division of product and service areas
  • self-service area

Contribution to the Community

Pharmacist Marcello Bocca has dedicated his entire life to the community of San Polo de Cavalieri, a pleasant town with a population of about 3,000, located at an altitude of 651 meters near Tivoli and Rome, in the Lazio region. It’s the typical local pharmacy, whose pharmacist’s reputation has grown over the years – an attentive and generous professional. These are the qualities that describe the owner who decided to make a big change after years of waiting and pondering, moving just a block away to a larger space with a better visibility from the street.

New Objectives

The new property is double in size, but the result goes beyond all expectations: public visibility has tripled, leading to an increased number of needs on behalf of customers (mostly local but oftentimes tourists, who tend to enjoy exploring the store on their own and serving themselves). Bocca pharmacy has opened its doors to a self-service mentality and the economic results arrived soon after. In the careful planning of this pharmacy, every strategic aspect, from communication to marketing, was addressed and shared with the property. Product divisions were established, along with sales paths, promotional areas, self-testing areas. “A series of new aspects that have been evaluated and designed in detail by Sartoretto Verna”.

The Story, its Challenges and Results

“I thought about moving for a long time”, said Mr. Bocca “I finally decided when my rent expired at the old pharmacy. It was the right time, the perfect opportunity to advance my career with the help of my daughter and her husband, who made me proud grandfather. I asked a colleague of mine for advice and then got in touch with Sartoretto Verna. After a few days, I was contacted directly by the co-owner, architect Luca Sartoretto Verna, who was present until opening day. When I visited their offices in Rome I made up my mind. They offer professional and quality service in everything they do. They are passionate and full of ideas and creative marketing and communication solutions and development. “

“It was a big challenge and I was very nervous about it. Today I can safely say that it all went very well and the results are well beyond my expectations. I immediately told Sartoretto Verna what my budget was and they created a professional proposal based on that budget, with no surprises. There were definitely a lot of challenges: a tight deadline, we had to keep the fair-faced walls and arcs due to owner restrictions, forcing the architects to come up with extremely creative project and plant solutions.

A colleague suggested a construction company, with local artisans who offered services at a good price. The executive technical support offered by the Sartoretto Verna cleared all doubts and guided the workers in order to achieve the goal that we had set. “

The Bocca di San Polo pharmacy features a unique atmosphere, thanks to the combination of stonewalls, a careful lighting design, color and materials.

Our contribution

Strategic analysis

Project Management (building and decor)

Category management and visual merchandising

Final design and lighting plan

Facade analysis and design

Removal and re-installation of existing equipment

Furniture assembly and installation




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