31 Via Tiberina, PO Box 00065 Fiano Romano (ITALY)

Arredi farmacia Lapucci


The Head-Pharmacist Lorenzina Lapucci has been sharing with Sartoretto Verna for 16 years the very same goal: realizing a Winning Pharmacy. This span of time spent together, 16 years all in all, has been implemented throughout 4 successful refurbishments.


This new professional chapter was born because of an extension on the first floor concerning some new 200 sqm. They were to be added to the 400 sqm existing on the Ground Floor to be managed exclusively as retail area.

The First Floor was meant to lodge the automation dept, the storage, as well as a modern service center connected to a panoramic lift happening around the counter desks for prescriptions. All the furniture has been object of a restyling in order to be kept throughout the successive renovations.

Farmacia Lapucci FIANO ROMANO min


The team was aiming at keeping on going along the excellence pathway service on behalf of the Fiano Romano community (beside Rome).


The client wanted a Pharmacy layout more and more open, luminous and relaxing and where the pathways could be clearly defined throughout texts and symbols.


Sartoretto’s counter-desk LEA® to be placed at the proper distance was meant to offer more privacy and new interaction occasions for clientele (such as make-up, herbal teas area and playground for children). New artistic elements and design features were arranged to keep on stimulating clients through emotions, wonder and amazement.


Every single products was described with a more effective communication, a clear and meaningful one. The new Pharmacy Identity was pursued by a new Logo and Graphics Proposal involving all the retail areas.


Open spaces, conceived from the transparent shop-windows on the atrium and all the way inside, have been implemented from floor-finish level to underside of ceiling to better enjoy and appreciate the Serge Ferrari  transparent sails. They were left hanging from the ceiling as to form ever-changing geometric shapes.

Farmacia Lapucci FIANO ROMANO min