Voronezh Oblast, Voronezh, ulitsa Moiseeva, 43 (RUSSIA)



The aim was to design the new flagship store for the Russian “Kartinki” chain to be located at Voronezh, at the very border with Ucraina.


The city has a consolidated historical heritage especially within the city centre where the new pharmacy is situated. There is plenty of monuments and churches in the sorroundings.


The client requested an artistic and unconventional layout, something not related to the drugstores market policies and eventually a pharmacy which could catch the attention of clients throughout its big curved shop windows along the main commercial street.


Sartoretto Verna believes it is extremely important to collect and use that bunch of architecural and artistic elements to be found in any country, city and culture. This planning process has been put forward throughout all the designed pharmacies with the aim of make our clients proud of all those historical landmarks and traditions which are proper of the city they live in.


That is the background originating the Puppet Theatre Pharmacy . It is a very accomplished place in Voronezh and attended by both adults and children because of its playful and distinctive architecture.


Inside the premises there are famous puppet statues which seem to be floating and are a source of curiosity and amazement amongst the passers-by and drivers. This perculiarity results surprising for tourists and makes the local residents feel at home at the same time.


The retail area of the pharmacy was supposed to be a place equipped with the most advanced technologies and services and whose furniture was showing a character in between retro and modern style.


The building lodging the pharmacy is very old with load bearing walls in raw bricks which have been intentionally left without cladding. The aim was to make more and more evident the contrast between old and new, between the history left behind and the future straight ahead.

This duality is very strong but at the same time perfectly integrated within the historical centre. It is a visual theme upon the present city character and its futuristic potential.