Dubai Mall Zabeel, Financial Center Rd, Dubai (UAE) |


Gulf Drug Pharmacies, a pharmacy chain active within the UAE, commissioned the new concept planning study for its latest 60 sq mt  (600 sq ft) branch inside the Zabeel Mall (a Dubai Mall extension).


It was about a Street Pharmacy with a renowned location and a post-industrial character.

The purpose was to get-in clients strolling through the Mall with something unique and appealing, in spite of the size constraints. 


Gulf Pharmacy is an outstanding pharmacy, with a breakthrough layout and a clients’ pathway organized all around a central structural post cladded in copper. A few Arabian-looking canvases were created around the pillar. The idea of a tent recalls protection and provides people with an image of their cultural Bedouin origins.


Plenty of transparent central stands irradiate in all directions from the central pillar. The clear and straightforward communication package was thought to stress products first.


Elegant colors have a range of nuances spanning from the white, to the copper with green and light blue shades. The indoor layout proposal has geometrical and abstract textures all around. However, the prescription area is a visual focus point because of the backlit wall panels with pharmacy device images.


The ®Oliver counter desk finished in Skypanel can host up to two operators at the same time. However, the OTC area can be already operational with just one pharmacist.


The Wall Stand Units called ®RAL8.2 guarantee a great appeal for beauty and make-up products. A little storage, order processing area and fridge were also created behind such a wall panel, bearing in mind the vital priority of optimizing all spaces.


A great Design Planning Study is all you need to make your Pharmacy effective and functional in the event you cannot count on extensive footage.