Dubai Mall Zabeel, Financial Center Rd, Dubai (UAE) |


The target was to create a Pharmacy with an overwhelming impact (wow effect) for the Dubai Mall new extension on the ground floor. Zabeel, connected to the Dubai Mall throughout a panoramic bridge, becomes the new Dubai’s post-industrial shopping destination. The Pharmacy internal atmosphere, in accordance to the Dubai Mall guidelines, was supposed to be modern, original and dynamic with an “industrial” look and feel. The very same industrial character had to be respected in the way the material were placed, in the way furniture and decoration were combined together.


The Pharmacy is oriented towards the main street. It was then necessary to settle something which could be captivating for all the drivers passing by.


Another requirement was that the Customer’s flow had to be easy and relaxed, despite the small space available. The store planning needed to be clear and uncluttered using also fixtures as flexible as possible for merchandising. Main focus was for the FMCG area (Skin care, Makeup, Hair Care, Nutrition), and the idea of keeping the Dispensary area well defined and clutter-free.


We tried to optimize the limited spaces of the premises (total 60 sqm) and reconnect the Dubai modern style with the Arabic tradition of “beyt es-shaar”.


The suspended ceiling has been replaced with tissues of composite textile, a very resistant and netting material which does not detect dust. This kind of tent, on the one hand is a structure deeply related to the Arabic territory of Emirates and it is part of that very tradition. On the other hand, it catches the sight of people passing by at night. The materials used were very many such as corten steel, concrete, aluminum, glass, plastic ABS and recycled plexiglass. All of them were well matching the wanted industrial concept.


Once one passes through the Pharmacy threshold, the aforementioned tent becomes an involving structure sustained by a light pillar in corten. The Pharmacy is a protection for clients. The graphics concept was studied with this purpose by placing big backlit panels representing pharmacists’ many symbols: the scale and the mortar just as if it was framing the pharmacist dispensing advice and treatments. Products categories were enlightened throughout visuals and carters organized with the Pharmacy Chain colors and articulated throughout a separate space.


This is was like so since product categories were supposed to have visual graphics and signage to ease navigation. They were combined with clear layout for each category and brand to maximize visual impact and attract the customer. Visual Merchandising was studied and designed for Proximity Marketing.


Last but not least, an accurate study of window shop was carried out throughout the opening hours in order to keep the same appeal throughout the different combination of natural light and seasonal exposition. The outcome has been a unique and very appealing concept.






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