Montecuollo Pharmacy – Velletri (RM)

the evolution of a territorial project

Project challenges

  • limited time available
  • transfer to a new building
  • transformation of the façade
  • different heights within store
  • demolition of load-bearing walls

Results Obtained

  • 36% turnover after 6 months
  • a more pleasant, relaxing experience for customers
  • development of self-service area
  • maximization of display area’s linear meters
  • clear identification of departments
  • beauty/cosmetics advice and self-testing
  • cash register located at entrance / exit

New objectives, every day

The Montecuollo family manages 3 pharmacies in the “Castelli romani” area on the outskirts of Rome. Angelo is the first of 3 brothers and everyday he helps make people’s lives easier in the town of Velletri. This attitude, along with his daily quest to meet his customers’ needs and make them happy, has led to the continuous growth of his pharmacy.

Larger Spaces and Visibility: A Natural Evolution

In his constant search to improve his offer to customers, Pharmacist Montecuollo found a property in the vicinity. It was the perfect opportunity to increase not only his visibility, but also parking spaces, the size of the pharmacy, as well as his offer to customers. The previous property will continue to be used for other services and departments (gluten-free products, baby care), while the new 300 sq. m., which were once occupied by a large retailer, will be transformed into a modern health center.

The Supermarket Closes, Making Room for a New Pharmacy

“As soon as the supermarket closed”, Pharmacist Montecuollo says, “I didn’t waste time and sealed the deal. It had been a while since I realized that the old pharmacy wasn’t meeting the needs of my customers who were often unsatisfied. There were always long lines and crowds of people, who tended to be annoyed. My 130 sq. m. pharmacy wasn’t so old, but it had run its course. I’m even more aware of this now, when I see how much more relaxed my customers are in the new pharmacy. They spend more time here and make more purchases. It seems like a simple recipe for success, and it is if you focus on a series of elements, including project design, communication, marketing, staff training, while paying careful attention to the products you offer, the way you organize discounted products and your services. Of course, I wasn’t alone in bringing this project forward. I built a trusted relationship with Sartoretto Verna based on teamwork. Six months have gone by since I moved and I am already seeing a 36% increase in turnover.”

A significantly higher turnover between large retailers and pharmacies.

Our contribution

Strategic analysis

Project Management (building and decor)

Information and communication development

Category management and visual merchandising

Final design and lighting plan

Furniture assembly and installation

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