dunia nouvelle pharmacie

Vers le Commissariat du 30ème Arrondissement – Angré 7è tranche, Cocody – 08, Abidjan – Côte d’Ivoire

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Dr Alimatou Kone first approached Sartoretto Verna’s architects during a Pharmacy Tradeshow held in Dubai in mid-2021 (ArabHealth).

She was about to purchase some new 200 square meter premises in the city of Abidjan, in Ivory Coast (sub-Saharan part of Africa). The existing structure was closed for almost one year, and pretty odd from a lot of points of view. There columns to be consolidated, and existing partitions and beams to be verified in terms of load bearing capacity. Also, the internal height from the floor finish to the underside of ceiling was not equally distributed, with ups and downs which required more than one structural test.

The goals were to create a light, innovative concept starting from a run-down location within a middle-class working area.

The doctor was after arranging an OTC area for over 3 pharmacists and creating a meet-&-greet concept at the entrance to retain clients within, and eventually invite them for some consultancies in the multipurpose room, as the children could be left behind within the baby area.

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The pharmacy was conceived all together with a fair symmetry between the retail area footage (968 sq ft) and operational area footage (839 sq ft). The front end was organized into different categories stressed by a non-conformity of colors for the wall stand units top visuals. We decided to use “RAL7 Easychain” all the way through. This was done like that in order to facilitate the installation operations to be done by local artisans and cope with the budget constraints. Also, the Beauty-Make up island close to the entrance was finished with a back-lit Plexiglas counter desk (oval shape). The OTC area counter desk on the contrary was organized around three detached models of “LEA Counter Desk” with pattern finishes recalling freshness and intense mood, with some back counter exhibitors amongst the most elegant ones from Sartoretto Verna’s wall-stand collections (mod. RAL6).


Plexiglas moveable gondolas were spread throughout the access way to the OTC (mod. “Go-Plexi” & “PlexiCube”)


The front-end was re-vitalized by using our shop-window luminous accessories (mod. “Ralboo”) to reach a better visibility from the outside walkway.  The Waiting area was garnished with suspended green design-lamps and placed in the middle of the retail footage.


The Consultation Room was decided to be just adjoining the children area.

The client was very happy all the way through and the pharmacy Dunia is certainly representing a landmark project for the African territory as a whole.

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