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pharmacy furniture Italy


Expanding the spaces of the pharmacy, revolutionizing the patients’ commercial path making it more communicative and interactive regarding the wide range of products and new services in the pharmacy.


After 10 years since the last renovation of the historic pharmacy in Santa Maria Capua Vetere (province of Caserta), doctors Annaresa and Umberto D’Alia have the opportunity for new spaces located next to the current ones but bordering only for a portion due to the presence of the condominium stairs.


Two requests from the client made this challenge even more difficult:


  • Replacing the current pharmacy automation robot located on underground level floor;
  • Carrying out the expansion without ever interrupting the activity.


The new spaces should have had to:

  • Organizing the customer journey with separate entrance and exit;
  • Creating the “service pharmacy” with dedicated environments;
  • Improving workspaces for co-workers and owners with toilets and changing rooms on the ground floor.
pharmacy furniture Italy
pharmacy furniture Italy
pharmacy furniture Italy


A modern pharmacy: a technological one in communication and service to the citizen.


The revolution of spaces.


With your own company you have to be daring, sometimes making courageous decisions. Moving the entrance to the new premises was one of them. In the previous renovation, the customer was immediately in front of the medicine counter, making many display areas “cold”.


With the new spaces it was possible to devise an emotional and interactive journey, capable of stimulating the 5 senses.


The renewed street sign includes the new Beneduce Pharmacy logo and introduces the new proposal. “Reawaken your beauty” is the motto that welcomes customers in the bright cosmetics sector with a promoter and make-up area. The OTC counter, located in a strategic position, acts as a reception, information, service bookings and payment, if necessary, even for medicines, thanks to the automatic transport system.


Luminous discs with interchangeable graphics for seasonal communication are hanging on the ceiling, and on the wall a wallpaper wraps the rounded corners of the walls introducing the natural department. Here the possibility of receiving a “seated” consultation with the pharmacists or simply to taste a natural herbal tea. The modernity of the beauty area alternates with the warm colors of wood, marble, false ceiling veils and a stabilized green oak tree.


It is also from here that you access the rooms, specially designed to offer self-analysis and consultancy services in complete privacy with specialists selected by the pharmacy.


Continuing the commercial path, one is engaged in a relaxing and stimulating scent, that of the cedar of Lebanon from the artistic tree that characterizes the drug area. The pharmacists at the counter await their customers head-on and in respect of privacy.