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Pharmacy furniture
Pharmacy furniture


The challenge was facing at creating a NEW BRAND, a pharmacy completely different from the first one already accomplished. AN HORIZONTAL BUSH. Communication. Attraction. Wonder.


Dr Roberto Memmolo aims at repeating once again the success obtained thanks to the Tricolle Pharmacy in Ariano Irpino (AV) which was able to exponentially increase clients’ accesses and profit by becoming a real health point of reference for the whole territory.


The occasion to work again together was given by the acquisition of the historical pharmacy.

The premises, enlarged and rearranged, were looking affected by endless administrative and structural complications. However, on top of that, we also pushed the necessity to demolish a reinforced concrete bulkhead to create new footage to encompass.


The total area to deal with came in the end with an outcome which client judged “exceeding his own expectations”.

Pharmacy furniture


ARTEMIS has the wellness as a target. It is a new concept, and a green and technological one.  

The design is new. There are the new luminous a-Kio® counter desks with shelves for client’s bags and top display ladder. In addition to that, there are lots of new natural materials such as tree bark applied on pillars which have on the floor plenty of moss going throughout the retail area as a whole, or the plants hanging from the lighting guides all around the suspended ceiling.


Visiting Artemis is an experience starting away from the Pharmacy. There is an App entirely dedicated to the offered services, social networks and website. Passing by the pharmacy by foot or by car, the new logo is always there with the message on the transparent shop windows standing out strongly and clearly: welcoming, wellness, positive vibes! The image through the shop windows of the tulip red chairs in the waiting area is hard to be forgot.


Straight after the entrance, one of the two consulting rooms intuitively communicates throughout a transparent glass all the in-house services. The rooms have been equipped with an electronic device making the glass be frozen to guarantee privacy upon request.


Proceeding further towards the counter desks, one passes by the information and beauty check point. There is a totem to get the ticket for the desk, and an area under a waterfall has been arranged as a waiting room.

The walking through the pharmacy stimulates clients’ curiosity. Sounds, natural images, perfumes and sensorial experience are right there to stimulate everyone. And the central pillars cladded with natural tree bark makes the approach with them amazing.


Central space has been furnished with moveable stands in order to enable to reconvert the use of such space with no worries.

Pharmacy furniture
Pharmacy furniture
Pharmacy furniture