Dr Carafa’s pharmacy – Genzano (RM)

old furnishings and new services

Project Challenges

  • expansion with a 1 meter difference in height
  • pharmacy automation
  • integrate furniture and antique decorations
  • long and narrow space
  • expand the display area, while keeping customers satisfied
  • waiting line management
  • attract attention to the store through new services

Results Obtained

  • display area doubled
  • creation of an effective sales path within the store
  • automated dispensing system for 6 workstations
  • application of solutions to overcome architectural barriers
  • creation of an effective sales path
  • clearly defined product areas
  • addition of SPA with salt cave

Visit the pharmacy with Google street view 

Our contribution

Strategic analysis

Structural analysis

Project Management (building and decor)

Category management and visual merchandising

Final design and lighting plan

Expedition of paperwork, plant renovation and construction

Furniture assembly and installation

Renovation and development of existing antique furniture

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