San Ciro Pharmacy D.ssa Aldi – Portici (NA)

big goals in small spaces

Project Challenges

  • optimize 35 sq. m. sales area
  • overcome supervision challenges
  • create openings in load-bearing wall
  • complete renovation within 3 weeks
  • rooms with different heights
  • full restoration of lower level
  • stimulate all 5 senses

The results

  • logotypes to label product categories
  • self-test booth on mezzanine
  • body treatment area/booth/stand/desk/counter on lower level
  • well-lit environment
  • a strong visual impact from outside

Clear positioning

Pharmacist Aldi described her store: “The pharmacy was designed to help people, by offering a place that provides its customers with a range of products and services for their well-being: from physical health to beauty treatments, but it is not a supermarket where you buy medicine and simply walk out the door. To achieve this result, we offer a preventive action plan where we talk to our customers and examine their state of health. Everyday we put our customers before the product.”

Communication and Identity

The pharmacy keeps its customers updated on what it has to offer and it does so with passion. It started with simple things, such as keeping the pharmacy clean and tidy, paying great attention to organization and selection, staff behavior up to furniture, lighting and product display. The owner has chosen to invest in a target clientele, which is sensitive not only to prices but also to receiving a wide range of professional services that can be scheduled including blood tests and professional beauty, wellness and nutritional advice. The laboratory produces non-invasive hair dye, in addition to offering assistance and nutritional advice for cancer patients. The pharmacy keeps its customers updated, by investing in communication and advertising on local press, the internet and social media.

An Exciting Experience

It’s easy to understand how sipping a cup of coffee on the Spanish Steps in Rome is a completely different experience from drinking it on the highway. Creating an experience that stimulates the senses gives a different meaning to prices, with an ambiance, scents and services that contribute to the experience.

“We have decided,” Aldi continued, “to turn this pharmacy into a wellness center that is beautiful, fresh and bright, with attention to detail, stimulating the senses and offering positive emotions. A wonderful planetarium, essential oil diffusers, pleasant background music. A laboratory specialized in pharmaceutical development, well-equipped areas offering increasing services and a beauty stand, for a world of the future. All this and much more is offered in a small space. A Challenge with a capital “C”, worthy of the finest. “

Our contribution

Strategic analysis

Project Management (building and decor)

Information and communication development

Category management and visual merchandising

Final design and lighting plan

Structural analysis

Expedition of paperwork, plant renovation and construction

Furniture assembly and installation




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