Cairo St, Hawally & sorroundings (KUWAIT) |


The mission to accomplish was to remodel part of the pharmacy chain with a new graphic concept involving the study of the Logo, graphics of interiors and new products categories. It was also developed a new concept for both the outside and inside of the Pharmacies.


The focus was on looking for something bright, luminous and modern. Something outstanding, that is which could possibly be distinguished from all the other Kuwait chains.


The change was so radical which invested first and foremost the colors (white and blue before carrying on the project) which were transformed into white, green and orange. A graphic and iconic element was studied to be repeated throughout all the categories. The same was then inserted within the premises with the shape of a big green flower in plexiglass to be hanging from any pharmacy ceiling.


The Pharmacy layout always guaranteed a complete visibility from the streets and throughout the inside. There was accurate lighting design concept and all the fittings were equipped with their own lights. We extensively worked in close relation with all the management in order to completely transform the #3 pharmacy premises being part of the project.


The result is a more modern and captivating chain with many functional elements (consulting rooms and private areas) which were accomplished also throughout very tiny spaces. The thoughtful and ordered category layout was studied to make promotions and seasonal products to stand out.


As far as the ethical desk were concerned, the Sartoretto Verna LEA Benches were used. They will guarantee also throughout the years ahead a complete transformation of the whole plexiglass body because of the back printing film which can be changed. Graphics and communication to clients can be varied every now and then.


Other #3 branches has been designed and are on the go.