Our extensive experience in refurbishing pharmacies (the first company in Turin in 1965), is showcased in over 1800 pharmacies in 28 countries all over the world, who have increased their sales revenue above the national average.

Each phase of the project is carefully planned and tested; the whole process is managed by highly specialized experts. All of our team members are engineers and architects.

Our projects are designed to optimize the available space through careful study of the structure of the building whether the aim is to increase the sales area, refurbish, or completely rebuild.

The interior furnishings are part of a large modular patented range (®Ral System and ®Easy chain), distributed all over the world from our Rome (Italy) and Turin (Italy) offices.

In accordance with local businesses, our specialists prepare the space and get everything ready for the installment of the interior furnishings respecting the time-frame of the project and established regulations.

Our extensive experience, knowledge and professional work ethic has been tried and tested.

Professional Marketing


Our experience in international independent and chain pharmacies keeps us in regular contact with pharmacists, businesses, pharmacies and consumers all over the world.


This gives us a unique view which allows us to be ahead of trends, client needs and technology, as well as what obstacles to overcome and errors to avoid.


The continuous and irreversible advances in medicine and pharmaceutical product sales on the internet, the new direction of the American pharmacy, the Large-scale Retail Trade in Northern Europe and the failure of the uber-commercial strategy of French pharmacies, allows us to establish a clear direction for the pharmacy of tomorrow: professional marketing.


We believe in a pharmacy as a business with the pharmacist and the needs of the client at its core.


This is why we are committed to creating quality and professional environments where people find comfort and the answers to their needs, as well as a place where the enjoy spending time, feel inspired, and can engage with medical professionals with regards to their general health, wellness and preventative medicine. What do you think?

  • Marketing and strategic planning
  • Coaching and training
  • Communication and brand positioning
  • Global project planning (strategy, approach, execution)
  • Furnishings (personalization, suppliers, assembly)
  • Additional works (structural, construction, utilities)
  • Visual merchandising
  • Category management



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