400 sqm in Rome: the third Lapucci Pharmacy.

Due to the need of more space and visibility, Lapucci Pharmacy has moved to bigger premises on the busy via Tiberina on the outskirts of Rome. Sartoretto Verna’s design has made the best use of the potential of the new premises creating a practical and cutting edge pharmacy of 400 sqm.  

The bright and elegant interiors can be seen through two large windows attracting the attention of passers-by. The project sees a large room without a prescribed path allowing clients to move freely and helping impulse buying. Merchandising sectors are well highlighted by furniture in different colors: pear wood for the natural health sector, green for the ethical area, and lemon yellow for children and make up sectors. Lighting in the false ceiling guide clients towards the different sectors and create a positive atmosphere enticing customers to go from one area to another. 

Ral System flexibility and modularity have allowed the reuse of furnishings from previous premises saving money and time. Sartoretto Verna staff has updated the lighting systems for display units, tympanums and gondolas. 

The prescription area at the end of the premises has four single Ral System 2 counters, which allow a confidential service. The back counter has drawers for ready to use products and Ral System 1 units to display over the counter merchandise. On the left from the entrance the dermo-cosmetic sector is enhanced by a Ral System 4 unit with curved shelves for maximum product visibility; Ral System 2 cosmetic counter with wood panelling and a seat allow the client a comfortable consultation. Natural health sector and infant products have their own counter. The design also includes a self-analysis cabin, galenic lab and infirmary, which will be operative when SSN (Italy’s national health care body) services will be available in pharmacies. Several digital screens give commercial information to the public aiding the buying process. In the middle of the premises gondolas from the new Ral System 5 line stand out with three colored plexiglass cubes for promotional offers.

 To make the waiting area even more pleasant there are interactive colored tiles in the children’s area, a blue starry sky lit with fiber optics and a big wooden tree that creates a fresh and natural atmosphere. It’s also thanks to these artistic and design elements that the new Lapucci Pharmacy has a customized look attracting attention, enticing clients to come back and increasing sales.  

 Dr. Lorenzina Lapucci, the owner, highlights how important Sartoretto Verna’s quality intervention has been in expanding and improving the offer:

 ‘’This is the third time we have asked for Sartoretto Verna’s expertise, the first time was in 2001, the second time was four years ago. We have now moved to new premises to have more space and visibility. Every sector has been enlarged and this is very important because my pharmacy has always tried to supply a full service. Sartoretto Verna combines practicality and design, both very important elements for a successful pharmacy. We have been in the new premises only for a few months and comments by our clients have been extremely positive’.