The first Sartoretto Verna pharmacy in Malta is full of light and colour

Sartoretto Verna opens its first pharmacy in Malta, one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. The young and fresh atmosphere suits the resort town of Qawra perfectly. An environment full of light, bright colors and an elegant modern design make a unique pharmacy, which appeals to tourists and locals alike.

The five windows are completely transparent to see inside, attracting passers by as potential clients. In the hall we find drop-shaped suspended lights and a lit vase, these elements are eye-catching and welcoming to the clients. The internal layout sees a varied display hallway, which leads you to the prescription area through recognizable product sectors. The make-up department is large and organized with an elegant Ral System 4 display with base in Indian purple Sky synthetic leather and digital visuals. The curved crystal shelves give plenty of visibility to the products, as they seem to be floating in air. The single counter next to it is in white synthetic leather with marble top.

To the left of the entrance we find a LED lit wall unit & a small table with acid-etched crystal top creating an evocative atmosphere and attracting the public to the perfumes sector. This is completed by curved Ral System 2 displays with backlit colored glass tympanums containing more well-known make-up brands. All displays are organized to show cosmetic and make-up products in a neat and tidy fashion. Other sectors have slim units all the way up to the ceiling with backlit sides from Ral System 1 line, in several colors and materials.

This project appeals to the need for more privacy in the pharmacy that Maltese people have asked for. According to a survey from last year by the Pharmacy Department of Malta University on the consumer perception of services in pharmacies (published on the Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research), 69% of people complained about the lack of privacy and feel it is important to have private consultancy areas. The ethic area has been organized with two separate Oliver counters with inclined front and Flumod top to allow more privacy between the pharmacist and the client.

There is an additional counter for the cosmetic and hygiene sector for advice from the experts. There is also a consultancy area with a table and an orange chair in a quiet corner of the shop, which may also be used to promote new products. The solutions created by Sartoretto Verna make ‘El Medina Chemist’ welcoming and practical. The lines in the false ceiling give movement to the volumes; the clean design of the furniture communicates order and expertise. The accurate lighting design enhances the displays and appeal to the public.

After less than a month since the opening, the pharmacy has already been very successful, as Alex Muscat, one of the owners, told us. ’We have received many compliments, not only by our clientele but also by the pharmaceutical companies representatives. Every detail counts in a pharmacy. The furnishing designed by Sartoretto Verna is excellent, especially to the eye of the client. The local companies could not offer what we were looking for. The first time we saw their work was during Cosmofarma 2010. We have chosen Sartoretto Verna for their innovative ideas and for their specialized expertise in pharmacies’.