Pharmacy Design in Turin: Dr F. Franzone’s pharmacy

The Pharmacy of Dr Franzone – Albiano d’Ivrea (IT)
art and design in the pharmacy

Situated in a charming Italian town near Turin, the pharmacy is a 3-storey stone building that has been completely renovated. The pharmacy is located on the ground floor  (110 sq. m.) and half of the 1st floor.

The pharmacy is made up of open-plan spaces fitted with ©Ral2 e ®Ral3 series furniture with bright polychrome tympanum-like signs, displaying beauty products and complimentary therapies. There are plain and copper counters with display units fitted behind for homeopathic treatments and OTC medicines. Places to measure blood pressure and carry out other tests have their own separate areas whilst the dispensary, stock rooms and a place for stock ordering and sorting are located in the back of the store along with the cloak room.

Clear and logical product display and effective use of lighting

Customers can reach the 1st floor by taking the lift that has been put in a place that is both convenient for  the clientele during opening hours and the pharmacists when it is closed. The floor above can also be seen from below through a round portal in the ceiling.

The 1st floor is dedicated to the sale of children’s and personal hygiene  products, a play area for children and an area for trying on shoes. A lab and an office are also located on this floor too.

This pharmacy is characterised by open spaces; a clever use of external lighting that allows customers to gaze into and explore the pharmacy from the outside; curved display units that clearly demark the various product sectors and separate them from the services area; walls made out of glass bricks or Peruvian travertine stone organising the space. Other novelty features include a tree evoking the environment’s natural feel and stained glass depicting local carnival scenes.

Smiley staff

The Pharmacy of Dr Cristina Franzone – Albiano d’Ivrea (IT) Vittorio Emanuele, 51 – Tel. (0039) 0125.59591