Pharmacy Design in Liguria: Dr F. Zeno’s pharmacy

Dr Zeno’s Pharmacy in Albissola Marina (IT)
the importance of place

Albissola Marina is a small seaside town near Savona. It has a long beach stretching out in front of the old town which has now become a popular spa resort. The town is also an important centre of the ceramic industry which has been going on here since 1554.

Dr Zeno, owner of the Pharmacy Della Concordia, wanted a pharmacy that was in tune with the overall personality of Albissola Marina and would also seamlessly fit into the promenade that runs along the beachfront whose pavement features some charming mosaics made by famous contemporary artists. The pharmacy’s interiors have been designed to represent this unique urban environment and anchor the pharmacy firmly within it. The colour scheme was chosen with its aim in mind, using warm maple wood for the counters and a soft rose colour for the tympanum-shaped signs above the display units. Marble cobble stones were used for the flooring and ceramic tiles with traditional Savona patterns were added as well. All of these elements combine to create a fascinating and elegant atmosphere that evokes the town’s traditions.

Two new rooms were added to the original layout (see here), made up of two larger spaces on either side of the building linked together by a narrow corridor. The customer is guided on a circular route around the various product sectors. The herbal medicine and complementary therapies sector features antique blue, ivory and gold antique-treated furniture and a semi-circular counter decorated with a tromp-l’oeil depicting the various marine extracts used in complementary medicines.

A clever use of mirrors gives the illusion of space and ceramic decorations make the walls seem less enclosing. The ceiling has been moulded into the shape of a wave which recalls the sea nearby and accompanies the customer as he browses through the merchandise. There is also an area for measuring blood pressure and conducting other tests behind a glass wall and a tree sculpture, which is positioned in one of the window displays. Separated off from the rest of the pharmacy by space walls, this area provides a discreet focal point at the centre of the pharmacy.

Sartoretto Verna has succeeded in meeting the objectives set out in the design brief by creating a unique and efficient pharmacy that is firmly routed in the surrounding urban and cultural space.

The Pharmacy of Dr Alessandro Zeno – Albissola Marina (IT) Biliati, 24 – Tel. (0039) 019.481616