Sartoretto Verna learns chinese: new opening in Macao

Sartoretto Verna Learns Chinese

The Venetian” Pharmacy is due to open this February in Macao and is Sartoretto Verna Srl’s latest.

The pharmacy is situated in the Venetian Mall which also boasts the largest casino in the world as well as a hotel with numerous swimming pools, many shops and a medical clinic featuring the world’s largest spa in which the new pharmacy is to be found.

The mall opened in August 2007 and combines the glamour of Las Vegas with all the mystique of the Far East. The shopping centre’s interior is designed in a Venetian Baroque style complete with canals, gondolas and singing gondoliers. East and West also meet inside the new pharmacy as Chinese and western medicine are sold side by side in a unique environment that joins the traditional to the modern.

A Venetian gothic style portal welcomes customers as they enter the pharmacy.