An American dream: our first pharmacy in Brooklyn

It is “the dream destination” for millions around the world, New York, but it’s no longer a dream for us,  because we’ve finally realized it in our most recent expansion.
Our work there will surely cause a commotion in the near future for its uniqueness in pharmacy design, setting the stage for a new design standard for American pharmacies.
Something is changing in the Big Apple and it’s happening quickly.
After the storm a lot of shops were destroyed, and will need to be rebuilt. So, from the start, we’ve been considering the best choices for storm resistant materials designed for the very real possibility of flooding:  e.g. the use of aluminium, and glass, and raising the exhibitors from the floor.
Transforming a building with a different purpose (before it was a restaurant) is not an easy task. In the ever changing city-scape of New York, a mere change in an external signage won’t do the job of making the impression that real change has occurred, so from the beginning there have been a lot of things to consider before unveiling our latest unique design.
While designing we considered what a passerby should see, and how he should feel when he is inside as a customer. It’s not always advisable to provide too much “see-through” space in a location like this where the prioritization of product display is more in demand, so we carefully analyzed where and where-not, there should be openings to the outsider.
Visibility through the screen-like show windows give a framed theatrical effect to the internal space from the street. Illuminated ceilings suspended at different levels are sure to catch the eye of the passerby, and the external signage will dominate the corner of the street crossing.
So, the goal has been to first capture the attention of the pedestrians, and convince them to stop and come in, while at the same time creating a feel that’s clean and fresh but also warm, inviting them stay longer and longer.
What may especially excite the customer at the entrance is the illuminated crescent moon situated directly below the enchanting “starry sky” ceiling. In the entirety of its 162 sqm vast retail area, there isn’t a point where the customer has a view of the whole pharmacy, because we wanted to make the customers circulation exciting, in this way, with every new step they make, they see something new.
All the products will follow a new dynamic marketing categorization, each of the exhibitors will in fact have its own visual with the name of the brand, or the sector area. It’s a new visual scheme for finding products easily, but without the feel of isles in a supermarket.
Everything about the design curves and move smoothly, e.g. the use of the colors (a gradient of fresh green and yellow that evoke the colors of nature), the logo, the fixtures, everything is connected, and accompanies the clients on their visit, embracing them and taking them in.
Also the prescription area and other department descriptions are carefully designed with colors and lights to grab the attention of the customer from multiple points of the pharmacy. This pharmacy also aspires to become a reference point for all natural products lovers.
Unlike other American pharmacies, this new pharmacy will have special areas inside the store for product promotion through brand representatives. Considering the local demand, this full-service pharmacy is provided with a high volume of display areas, and has considerably more space reserved for organic products, and there is even a special display for special promotions. But, of course, at the centre of our project is not the product but the people, the customers.
We provide pharmacies which have the power and functionality of a proven upscale commercial brand that generates the atmosphere and elegance of a small scale boutique shop.
Our model of pharmacy is one that emphasizes quality over quantity, instantly communicating through design, the capacity to meet the needs of your clients, clients who are seeking not only products, but for first rate service, as well as the guarantees and assurances, that can only be achieved on a “one-on-one” basis.In our 47 year journey we have changed the function of pharmacy from where it was before, and we continue to be an inspiration to the locations where we have established our presence, and especially this Pharmacy in New York should change the way in which the New Yorker thinks about what pharmacies are, and with it, this pharmacy should also change their shopping behaviors.