Pharmacists look beyond!

Pharmacists look beyond!




This photo frames yesterday’s meeting between an independent US pharmacist and two (super) independent Italian pharmacists.

COMPARISON, OPENNESS, INTERNATIONAL,, he desire to be better, to do good, to do more!
The evolution of the species is normal…

A few months ago Michele and Giovanna decided to revolutionize (literally) their lives, their approach to their work… and to their business.

We’ve gone from being a small pharmacy in the historical center of Tivoli (Italy), cut off from customers by the limited traffic area, blocked in more ways than one… to being “a good example”, a “case study” that every day sees our sales multiply.  

The Minelli Pharmacy in Tivoli marks a new concept of the pharmacy because it offers a unique experience, different from the rest.

Today the Minelli Doctors are demonstrating the success brought by this new approach to an important Texan businessman and pharmacist who has come to Italy to meet them.  

American marketing and business plans meet with the heart and passion of the Italian pharmacy: professional, independent, community, focused on people, focused on the territory on which it resides…

This pharmacy is an example because it figured out how to revise its business model and it’s learning how to communicate.


This is Sartoretto Verna Pharmacy Design Worldwide

We meet businessmen and pharmacists from all over the world every day to share our “new pharmacy vision”.

I am truly proud to see how this COMMUNITY, in constant growth, continues to come up with new ideas.

Our international clients meet and share notes, THEY DO BUSINESS TOGHETER!

New opportunities, new exchanges, a new market. While many people are fighting the price war reducing their margins even more, other pioneer pharmacists are making a point to share ideas achieving results that seemed impossible up until now.

Products that are the fruit of the galenic and entrepreneurial genius of pioneer pharmacists opening new opportunities and new markets. The latest example?

  • Daniela Natale, pharmacy owner from Caserta (Italy)  made her first large sale in the USA of an extraordinary new product: JAMP- sports deodorant 
  • Helan Cosmesi Laboratory and Martha Health Care have widened their net of international contacts.





Together, we are focused on a large project, a great mission: making people feel good.

Insignificant? Perhaps it is, but this is our mission.

Are you insignificant? Join Us


Luca Sartoretto Verna
AD Pharmacy Design Worldwide Sartoretto Verna