‘Pharmacies’ out in November. 5 of our pharmacies have been selected.

The book ‘Pharmacies’ will be out in November, published by Braun.

For the first time, an international publisher has chosen to release a whole book about planning, design, light and architecture in the pharmacy; a strong signal that this concept is becoming more important.

We believe we have created a new type of pharmacy, different from mass distribution, which represents an international model to study and follow. Our model is called ‘Community focal point’, a pharmacy that entices the buying process by appealing to the emotional element. Every aspect is taken care of and every detail gives the pharmacist a powerful clientele retention tool. A pharmacy that is a focal community point about health care, not only an anonymous shop (drugstore).

 This collection includes a selection of the most beautiful and significant pharmacies from all over the world. Sartoretto Verna has been selected for 5 of them (Italy, Kuwait, Malta and Cyprus).