Even though it is the moment of e-commerce transactions and 24/24h wire connection, people keep on purchasing at the pharmacy.

We will investigate into this article:

  • Some new ideas to attract clients in the pharmacy;
  • The importance of entertainment in the pharmacy;
  • The utility of services.
Themed Meetings in the Pharmacy

What is the new trend to make clients step in the Pharmacy? Have you ever heard about PHARMA-tainment?

The word, as you can assume, is the union between pharma and entertainment, advice and sale in the pharmacy, without forgetting the entertainment.

George Ritze, an American sociologist, was the first to create the term of retail-tainment within his book “Enchanting a Disenchanted World: Revolutionizing the Means of Consumption” (1999). He explained about how it was still possible to mesmerize clients throughout the third millennium.  

“Farmacia Vincente”, the format we represent, has for the first time adapted these concepts to the world of pharmacy.

The philosophy behind the FARMA-tainment suggests to use new sounds, environments, emotions and activities in the pharmacy to attract the interest on both the offer and the communication mood. And the instruments connected to the IT world are somehow facilitating this very process.

Two samples of pharmacy and entertainment combined together to catch the attention.

Whether you want to go big or not, the secret is just one: creating authenticity.

Into the retailing, some realities pinpoint the brand experience to make extra-ordinary sensations come alive. Events and settlements inviting to the relax are also lately very popular.

For example, the idea of inserting within the pharmacy a corner for a make-up or tasting will make the stay more pleasant. It will transform it from a walkable space to an area where one is willing to come back. And maybe in the company of new people.

An example of a unique experience: tasting areas for herbal tea in Marra Pharmacy (RC)

A key word: amusement

You play the game on your capacity to entertain.

Why “the health target” cannot be reached by having fun and respecting the others?

Moreover, from inside, people will be in a position to share their own experience with millions of new individuals, thanks to the connectivity and mobile devices. A solo-purchase can become a social moment if lived that way.

Any ideas? These are ours:

Why don’t you arrange one or more spaces dedicated to the product approach? It may be inserted within the area promoter or make-up, or within the cabinet for beauty treatments. It may be okay also a device for mobile phone in order to make clients have a selfie.

As far as cabinets for beauty treatments are concerned, why do not take into consideration also the installation of a smart-mirror? It is about a state-of-the-art mirror driving to purchase throughout the augmented reality. There is no need to wait for a treatment for your skin or hair, no need for the result of a laser therapy or health pathway… mirror can tell!

On the wave of this futuristic stance – but not too much – we cannot omit the intelligent shop windows capable of scanning people passing by, guessing their age and gender, in order to suggest them the pharmacy’s tailor-made solutions. It is perhaps a too straightforward way to proceed, but it surely produces some effects!

Intelligent Communication Systems within Sartoretto Verna’s Booth in Cosmofarma

In addition to the aforementioned picture, corners dedicated to the use of some “medical devices” and their effectiveness can also be considered;

Key world #2: utility

Amusement is fine, but when it is NOT associated to a meaningful service… it does not last long!

In that respect the digital world offers a couple of intelligent solutions:

  1. The virtual-assistant, an integrated system for pharmacy consultation rooms in order to help patients to find the most suitable solutions to their needs. We are not talking about offering a simple list of related products, but actually a true IT support equipped with a section of specialists and telemedicine;


  2. Use of face-App, enabling someone to show the result of a health pathway advised by the pharmacy directly on the person’s body or face. In the same modality it is possible to create a preview of that make-up line on a client’s face. A video-tutorial could be then forward by email upon request to repeat the same treatment at home or with friends.

Future of Pharmacy

If we look forward, shops are about to become shopping guides. In many cases they are already like so, especially when people use their retail space to try the article and then complete the purchase on-line.

And the pharmacy?

The pharmacy is since ever a guide for people’s health, a community reference, and it has got all the potential to keep on being like that.

Yours fears upon the future have no reason to affect your days… unless you have given up to believe in your profession and in your independency as health guarantee for your territory.

The search of companies, retail groups or chains to get independent pharmacies has never been as strong as now. Do they do so on your behalf? On your clients’ behalf? I do not think so.

They are actually taking advantage of your current fragility and skepticism. They depict the independent pharmacy’s future all dark and impossible to fulfil. It is not like that though.  

Passion, determination and energy are and will always be solid ingredients to keep your company a free and prosper one.

Pharmacy will be required to frame the products with consultancies’ offer to improve the experience of patients coming at the premises and make them receive a service which is the top of the line for that territory.

No corporation will even be able, not even if this the only target, to achieve this very outcome.

We take pride in announcing Sartoretto Verna’s attendance at the Boutique Design Event in New York.

It is time to professionally re-arrange your Pharmacy Business…

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This is to make you change your selling strategy and opt for a more comprehensive – and winning _ one!

You will be amused, intrigued, entertained and will feel relaxed just like you were at home!




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