excellence in the pharmacy

Our journey towards excellence in the pharmacy

Our journey towards

excellence in the pharmacy


excellence in the pharmacy

It has been a great privilege taking the role of CEO of Sartoretto Verna™ during the last year. I am delighted to present myself and honored to represent the third generation to undertake this prestigious task. It will be truly a pleasure to lead the team of architects and I intend to do it with passion and determination.

It is an important time for our business. We started to widely sell 2 new extraordinary furniture systems that highlight product display on the pharmacy shelves. (®Ral System 8 and ®Easy Chain), and have raised the potential of the services we offer as a leading international business, efficient tools to prepare the pharmacy for the challenges they face.

 A few months ago we launched “iPharma System” with the latter in mind. It is a multidisciplinary approach to work that allows you to constantly consult professionals in communication, marketing, e-commerce, visual merchandising and of the thought process behind purchases of the pharmacy customer.

We have also improved our infrastructure redesigning our offices in Rome and Turin that welcome you today in over 1000 sq. of space, a laboratory rich in ideas. You can touch the technologies and systems with your very own hands. We have invested in our staff to ensure you get the best assistance and care throughout the project and after ensuring your experience with us is winning and unique.

 With warm Italian hospitality and the style that characterizes this country we’d like to offer you a chauffer from the airport or station, followed by a light lunch, play area for your children, car wash and tire check, a calendar full of informative meetings and international events and a guided tour of our laboratory-showrooms. Our staff have international experience in the strategic development of a pharmacy business, which represents one of the pillars of our identity and I am sure that it will be able to contribute to adding new life to your ambitions.

 I promise you a strong pharmacy, with more control, that knows how to attract new customers. Together we can create a professional company with an elegant look and international feel, inspired by the beauty of the wonderful country that is Italy. Our website has been completely refreshed, testimony to the fact that change is something that we embrace.

 We hope that the many innovations combined with our long-standing dedication to service and quality is enough to explain why Sartoretto Verna™ is the best choice to renovate your business.

Luca Sartoretto Verna

Chief Executive Office