Opening of Dr Palomba’s pharmacy in Villaricca (IT)

The Opening of Dr Palomba’s pharmacy in Villaricca

The opening of the San Rocco Pharmacy was attended by many of Dr Palomba’s colleagues and the most of the neighbourhood. It was quite a party!

We are proud to present the opening of yet another contemporary and upscale pharmacy. It is around 75 sq. m. and has been designed to create an optical illusion of space and make it easy for the clientele to use.

There is a wooden sculpture of a puppy in the shop window which was designed by the architect Fiona Sartoretto Verna and then created by an artist. The window dressing was realised by a specialist in visual merchandising using medicinal herbs, flower petals and decorated pharmacy vases.

Every sector of the San Rocco Pharmacy has its own distinctive colour scheme in order to make it easy for the customer to distinguish one from another. The dark colour of the grès ceramic floor tiles makes the pilaster in grès, the Ral2 counters with a copper finish and the blue display unit signs stand out.

In choosing Sartoretto Verna, Dr Palomba wanted to communicate her own personal vision of the pharmacy to the public. She wanted a pharmacy that expressed her professionalism and dedication to the customer, both of which are the base upon which customer loyalty and long-lasting success are built.

This new interior is also designed to cater to the habits of today’s consumers who are driven by desires rather than needs, and who need to feel the need for some sort of emotional spark before purchasing.

This pharmacy knows how to entertain and fascinate the consumer, since atmosphere and image are the decisive factors that make customers stay in the retail area and persuade them to buy.