professional vs commercial

Once upon a time in a pharmacy near you…

 Once upon a time in

a pharmacy near you…


Let me explain the #6 reasons why storytelling

in the pharmacy is so important:


FIRST OF ALL, DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE? Because if you don’t, your customers won’t know either.

It’s very important to know your history: where you come from, what you are, where you’re going and what you have to offer. If you can’t answer these simple questions you won’t know what value you can add to the market and how you can differentiate from the competition…
First let’s ask ourselves what our pharmacies are about, what are the roots, the history behind the store, behind the company.

I think that we need to distinguish between Commercial Pharmacies and Professional pharmacies.
The first focuses on quantity, what’s on offer, and promotions to attract customers using bright colors, graphic textures, and sales messages in a somewhat aggressive way such as: “we are the best, the cheapest, we have everything!!”.
On the other hand, the professional pharmacy tells a story, it creates curiosity and stays in the customer’s’ mind.

Having a strategy and being one type of pharmacy depends on you. It’s your position on the market and you need to focus on it.

But today I want to tell you a story. Here is what will happen if you choose to be a professional pharmacy, if you choose the other way: a different idea of the pharmacy.
To be a professional pharmacy means you’re not focusing solely on products, promotions and price, but you are taking a closer look at your customer’s needs and the products they should buy to satisfy those needs.

I know what you’re thinking: rubbish! clients are always looking for the best price and if I don’t offer the same promotion as the other pharmacies, 3 for 2 offers, and bigger discounts, my customers will disappear…

This is right in that some of your customers will always be looking for the lowest price but those are not the customers of a professional pharmacy, not the customers for you! Statistically speaking, only 15% of customers who purchase in the pharmacy are looking at the price.
We are looking for the other customers. How can we attract them?
We need to understand who our “perfect customer” is. What do they do? And where are they? Once we understand all this we can focus on them and solve their problems.
Customers of today are looking for an emotional experience. When they buy a product they want it to become part of their story, of what they are now. So they’re looking for people to trust because in today’s world, what is missing ever more in relationships is trust.
Why? Because the focus has shifted to the product rather than the person.
Think of the customer as a person, what are they looking for? Am I responding to their needs? Why should they choose me?

That’s why storytelling in pharmacies is so important.

1) Because you’ll create a trusting and loyal long-term relationship.

2) You’ll acquire new customers thanks to word of mouth.

3) Your competitors can’t copy your history as it is unique to you.

4) You will not have to fight the price battle

5) Your staff will be happier and will transmit this feeling to your customers

6) You’ll smile more because you’ll be satisfied with your business

Wow! This is great! How can I start transforming a commercial pharmacy into a professional one? And how can I create a successful story?

You have to use Storytelling Management. This means creating promotions (or positioning) products and services through a story made of words, sounds and images.

This is what Sartoretto Verna does in all its projects; to communicate inside the pharmacy, to tell a story and in this way to influence customer choices.

If you analyze the majority of pharmacies around you, you’ll see that:

– internal and external communication of the pharmacy is often insufficient

– communication is usually difficult to understand

– communication is left in the hands of the brands

– communication is done by your staff in their spare time

In this way you’re not telling a story, you’re not transmitting anything to your customers!



How can you break customer resistance and increase sales? You just need to be different from the others and storytelling management is the tool to reach your goal: to stay in your customer’s minds and make them come back.

We can be your partner, your specialized consultant to focus on growing your pharmacy on your new journey as well as after. We have followed pharmacy evolution worldwide for over 50 years. We have a unique experience, a know-how that makes our projects original because we have a different idea of the pharmacy, as the focal point of your community.

Italian creativity, unique design, a family-run business with solid roots and values. Sartoretto Verna SRL is all this and more.
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