“The wonderful place of ideas”

The future everybody is talking about already exists in the new Sartoretto Verna Srl headquarters. Renamed by a pharmacist “the wonderful place of ideas”, the head office is surrounded by the beautiful Park of Veio in Rome. Easily accessible from highways, airports and train station, the new Sartoretto Verna’s spaces are open to anyone who loves the beauty on appointment (even on weekends).


The 1000 square meters showroom , overlooks a 2000 square meters park, and is the result of a 4 year international research that illustrates the vision of architecture and design  of Sartoretto Verna. Vision that is also reflected in the gardens, offices, entertainment areas and hospitality, where discrete works of artists, historical pieces of design and technology coexist.

The wise use of space, lights and finishes raises atmospheres that communicate harmony, energy, professionalism and atmosphere to the customer.

Inside the office we have the most advanced products available on the current market, in order to strengthen the image and brand of your pharmacy: automation, domotics, energy saving, innovative materials, communication, interactivity, services, art, atmosphere and color combinations all used as sales tools.

New proposals, many ideas and instruments for the pharmacy, are presented in a unique context full of charm. This is Sartoretto Verna’s purpose of work, which will als be the subject of a book coming out for the end of the year.