How to get the best from your Pharmacy choosing the right design and specialization


Bruna, Prisca and Rosi are three pharmacists who, looking for their “dreamed pharmacy”, decided to contact our Turin branch office in 2017. They knew one of our pharmacies in Milan, Canonica Pharmacy, designed by Sartoretto Verna in 2016 and were impressed by the way our design and quality furnishings had helped to increase the perceived value of the Premium Cosmetics area.

The three partners had started to build a pharmacy that was becoming day by day a reference point for their community in terms of professionality and product offer. They had the dedication and knowledge, but they realized they were lacking the right organization and location to show their uniqueness to customers. If they wanted their business to grow, they needed to change.


With their same energy and enthusiasm, we created a tailored layout for their pharmacy in a small, yet prestigious, building in Montanaro’s old town, a small village inside the Metropolitan area of Turin. Everything was going as planned, until the company that owned the place started to have economical problems and we had to stop the refurbishing process.

After months of research, a few days before Christmas they bought a new location for the pharmacy, not in downtown like the previous one, but with more space.

DSC  min
Outside view of the new location, before the refurbishing

With more space available thanks to the new location, our design team could enlarge the sales area and design new spaces for services.

Mondino percorsi

The Beauty care area gets increased and becomes the most important part of the Pharmacy, its specialization. This importance is enhanced by associating to the area personalized services focused on wellness and care. This way, the premium cosmetic products are part of a whole healthcare & wellness path.

Beauty care area, with a dedicated counseling counter
Detail photo of the “Makeup bar”, dedicated to product’s testing and located close to the entrance

The whole interior design and communication has been designed to reinforce the “exclusive” Brand image of the Pharmacy, a boutique look that creates the perfect ambience to sell high price range products.

Ral® 6 display units behind the counters, with a graphic communication using the same color

The counters tell the story of the place, using pictures of Montanaro merged with the Pharmacy logo, and the display visuals evoke our clients’ willing to “fly high” and get the most from their Pharmacy. In fact, the image used as background is a Macro detail of a butterfly’s wing, a symbol of changing and evolution.

Detail picture of the oral care and natural products displays


  • A unique Pharmacy different from its competitors thanks to a good market strategy and a carefully designed Brand image.
  • A higher perceived value of the Pharmacy’s product and service offer, thanks to the right furnishings, design and lighting. 
  • New customers coming in everyday looking for the Pharmacy’s exclusive products and services, because they cannot find them anywhere else around.


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