Modular furniture and tailor-made designs

Modular Furniture and Tailor-made Designs

®Ral system modular furniture guarantees quality because it is:

– Developed using the results of the latest research into interior design
– Designed and tested in the lab by trained architects, designers and specialised technicians
– Industrially produced to ensure the highest qualitative standards and reduce costs
– Tested one by one to earn the Sartoretto Verna quality assurance guarantee.

Hand-made or modular production? A real difference.

The modular production methodology ensures complete control over the production process and executive perfection, without eliminating originality, imagination and flexibility. There are over 4000 items in our catalogue offering our clients an infinite choice of solutions to personalise every project. Our catalogue is always growing in order to make every new project unique.

No company in the pharmacy design and fittings industry has the same flexibility and offers the same variety of colours materials, lighting fittings and innovative solutions that have been setting trends in the world of pharmacies for over 40 years.

Modular production means:

– Quality: modular products are the result of a process that ensures high quality. Standardisation guarantees   perfection in every detail.

– Flexibility: all our products can be easily integrated into all other existing lines, allowing you to keep your old models up to date. They can be reused and moved with ease as they are made out of aluminium or glass.

– Finish: special add-ons can be added to the base components which have been custom-made according to a careful and exhaustive design and production process.

The ®Ral System is a true furniture system that offers value for money and flexibility thanks to the multiple ways you can combine Ral units and fittings and the infinite range of colours, measures, materials, accessories and add-ons available. We transform your pharmacy’s structural problems and specific needs into solutions that WORK. Our design combines modular production with special one-off production to create pharmacies that are true one-offs.

Only tailor-made planning leads to personalisation solutions NOT tailor-made furnishings