magic formula in pharmacy

I’ll unveil the magic formula to create a pharmacy where your customers are happy and become loyal clients

I’ll unveil the magic formula to create a pharmacy where your customers are happy and become loyal clients


If you are a Pharmacy owner this is the most important ad that you’ll read this year because you’ll finally discover the reasons
why you need to change and transform your Pharmacy into a community location where people feel good.



Every business has only one valid purpose: to create a customer and two basic functions: innovation & marketing. Those two drive results, all the other activities are just costs. (P. Drucker “The Pratctice of Management”, 1973)

But now business models have changed because also your customers have changed, they want supremacy, they don’t consume, they want to have the power to decide what to be, they’re those who decide now to create a brand.

Today people are not focused on products, but meaning; they buy products to build their identities. They buy in tribes to feel safe and successful. Tribes are connect through technology. (M.Neumeier “The Brand Flip”, 2016).

So your company today has a severe choice: jump into the future or wait till the flip.

You have to understand that your Pharmacy is not yours anymore but you’re co-leading it with your customers and they’ll decide if your pharmacy is good or not and this will determine your profit.

So this is why everyone is talking about becoming customer-centric. Before your clients were coming to your pharmacies to buy medicines or some other products. Now they want a multi- sensory experience, they want to be advised, to have consultation, to try different services and treatments; they want you to focus on them and their needs. The good thing is that usually happy customers are loyal and this builds long-term profit for you.


If a customer wants a cheaper product or looking for a special product they’ll purchase it online, if they want to feel some emotions, they’ll take their car and come to your pharmacy again and again.

So you need to connect your pharmacy to your customers: this means that you’ll continue to sell medicines and health & beauty products but you’ll wrap them around with untouchable benefits that will make them unique; so they’ll feel good and they’ll become loyal to you.

You need to transform your Pharmacy into a unique brand with customer identity but how? Through a precise design.

Sartoretto Verna Srl can help you and be your loyal partner during and after your journey towards your future goals, 50 years of experience worldwide only in Pharmacies, Health & Beauty Stores, Italian creative and unique design and fixtures, family owned business with solid roots and values.

In 2012 I started the creation of my very first pharmacy in Ksa, it was my first contact with a Saudi family and I was so lucky to meet Almoosa family in Al Ahsa. I was very impressed by the story behind the construction of Almoosa Hospital and its pharmacy. Shaik. Al Moosa and his son Mr. Malek AlMoosa told me that opening of a private hospital was not a part of their business plan. They did it in order to help the community to achieve the best quality and patient – centered care in the region by adopting the highest international standards, using advanced technology, surgery and care treatments that were not used there before and that forced people to deal with long and tiring trips in the desert to reach the nearest cities. Their vision was to create something for their community, for their people. Their vision was and continues to be customer- centric and it’s a big triumph.

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