LEA®️ pharmacy counter desk

LEA® The counter desk telling YOUR story in the Pharmacy


The counter desk telling YOUR story in the Pharmacy

LEA®️ is a single-station counter desk to improve the relationship between pharmacist/client and communicate a distinctive pharmacy offer on the market. Its frontal cladding can be personalized to tell either the story and distinctive values related to that single pharmacy throughout the “storytelling”.

LEA®️ pharmacy counter desk
Cremaschi Pharmacy - Italy

ⓇLEA Counter Desk is a functional, design and technological item


  • Display top mini-ladder with interchangeable and magnetic shelves
  • Raised top to hide workbench disorder
  • Hidden cable raceway for cash/PC
  • Double base with drawers/envelop holder tray/card tray
  • Ultra-resistant working bench in Kerlite
  • Ultra-resistant skirting in Kerlite




  • Top in Corian®️
  • White LED light 4800K
  • Plexiglas anti-scratch back-printed cladding on 3 sides
  • Work bench and skirting in Kerlite 5mm thk, diamond pattern finishing



  • Touch Screen to be integrated
  • Proximity marketing sensors marketing 
  • Ios e Android Application to be personalized
LEA®️ pharmacy counter desk
Touch Screen to be integrated


LEA®️ is the pharmacy desk designed to improve the privacy between pharmacist and client, communicate brand identity and sell all the impulse purchase products displayed around the desk area.

Its dimensions are 99 cm of width, 95/107 cm of height and 73cm of depth.

In addition to that, LEA® allows to manage spaces in a more mannered way: the pharmacist will have his own working area and the possibility to organize his own workstation for his daily duties in a more efficient way.

The counter desk skirting and the working bench have been realized in kerlite, an extremely resistant porcelain stoneware which, cut with a diamond pattern along the edges, allows to work within a comfortable environment to be touched. The top also offers a practical space for all those instruments daily used.

LEA®️ pharmacy counter desk
Display top mini-ladder with interchangeable and magnetic shelves

The area of interaction with clients has be realized in Corian®️, which is Dupont patented material warm to the touch, and it is flanked by an metal shelving system which is adjustable thanks to a magnet hidden beneath the structure. It is possible to integrate the display area with other accessories (i.e. a cabinet container for the automatic cash point) for a fresh and functional visual experience.

The counter desk central part is enlightened by LED light to stress the anti-scratch and back-printed plexiglas cladding of the structure organized on three sides. It is about an innovative technology to communicate the Pharmacy storytelling and make the desk appearance look different. And consequently make also the pharmacy look different as well.

LEA®️ pharmacy counter desk
Plexiglas anti-scratch back-printed cladding on 3 sides

Moreover, the rear structure can be completely personalized with different height drawers, practical open compartments or card tray / envelope holder tray. Drawers are all equipped with a double aluminum hardware guide sliding on Teflon spheres.

The counter desk gets completed by a generous compartment equipped with air intakes for allocating electrical and IT/pos computer network wires.

LEA®️ is a true appealing focal point which will enable you to sell more and make your Pharmacy become a more interactive and modern place.

If I know your story I can tell it!

Italian pharmacies have a long history, extraordinary authentic cases about families, people, and pharmacies are part of our own territory and its inhabitants and values. Italy is an evergreen source of history, feelings and beauty.

“Tell your clients your story and you will become a successful individual and business man”.

LEA®️ pharmacy counter desk
The story of each Pharmacy is primarily the story of its own territory.

Amazon and the majority of commercial chains are anonymous, and artificial spaces, often without a soul. The same homologated products are offered in the same way and retail area all over the world.

The independent pharmacy can in reality also represent something else: a community, born within a territory and which has become a part of it.

A pharmacy reflects stories of life and feelings, present within each of us, and results of our joy and suffering.

The story of each Pharmacy is primarily the story of its own territory. Lea®️ counter desk has been conceived by Sartoretto Verna™ to tell this story and get different throughout the territory values, and the beauty they represent for the community.

People from the same village, from the same neighborhood meet every day in the pharmacy, a familiar place, with a story to be counted.

Talk about oneself is a way to get to know oneself, one’s territory, one’s people, problems and hopes.

Guido Sartoretto Verna has realized an extraordinary idea with this very feeling in his heart: LEA®️ counter desk is a unique concept for unique pharmacists. The ones who has chosen to talk about themselves.

LEA®️ pharmacy counter desk
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