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Is this how your customers see you?

Is this how your customers see you?


Have you ever stopped and asked yourself how your customers see your pharmacies? And why do they choose to go inside your store and not in the next one or viceversa?

Because if your customers don’t see the difference it’s your fault.

How a client can choose out of hundreds, thousands of different pharmacies that there’re present on your market right now if they’re almost equal, with the same look&feel, same products&brand, same services&customer service?

In our society we switch from a mass production economy to a mass customization economy, this means that right now we have no time but we’ve multiplied purchasing choices and we’re greedy of information.

So what’s going on? Customers will judge according to their trust in you, in your pharmacy. How can you build/implement this trust? The answer is: by creating your own BRAND.

Uhm it looks easy but it’s not. Sometimes it takes years to build a successfull brand, if you don’t do the right steps.

First step and thing to do is to differentiate yourself: this is the right strategy, your pharmacy has to be always different from your competitors. It works because it’s the way our brain acts: we differentiate things and categorize them and then we choose what is different.

We can help you and be your loyal partner during and after your journey, 50 years of experience worldwide only in Pharmacies, Health & Beauty Stores, Italian creative and unique design and fixtures, family owned business with solid roots and values.

Sartoretto Verna is all this and more. Do not believe to unknown gurus of the pharmacy market, improvised companies without history in your specific field, locals that will propose to be back, one of many similar in your market. We know what you really need and we know how to reach your goals!

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