High fidelity Pharmacy experience or high convenience?


High fidelity Pharmacy

experience or high convenience?


What will be your goal for the next year? 

And how will you be able to update your pharmacy stores to the new era of consumers?

High fidelity experiences and products are unique, more expensive and usually for niche consumers. Fidelity becomes a total experience: sum of the consumer service, of the brand, products’ quality, services offer and price. All of this creates the feeling of the consumer.

On the other hand, convenience-based experiences are inexpensive and very accessible, they are less about the experience and more about the simplicity with which a product or service can be acquired.

So, what is your promise to your clients? And where should you be positioned regarding your competitors?

Consumers have changed, you need to change too or your profits won’t grow.

Let us help you to answer to those questions on your marketing position and others you may have!

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