“Fuku” – the roots of good fortune come from within

“The Roots of Good Fortune Are Inside us”

Fuku is the Japanese character that can be translated into good fortune and indicates “the power of human beings to change their own destiny”.

The key to the future resides in your determination to face the present and overcome any difficulties your may face. Rationalising your store room, improving stock rotation and increasing the size of the retail floor will lead to a rise in sales as long as the space is organised rationally and the you make the most out of the constant flow of clients into your pharmacy.

Therefore, it is not only sufficient to improve your pharmacy’s image, but you need to grab your clientele’s attention by using effective merchandising strategies. Placing the right products and services in the right position, making each sector more visible and customer-friendly all help to increase impulse buying.

Sartoretto Verna offers its clients 3 display units, ®RAL1, ®RAL2, ®RAL3 in order to achieve all of the above. These make customers more independent and service quicker, creating a more profitable space.

Customer satisfaction leads to greater loyalty and an increases profits far above the national average.