Merchandising in the Pharmacy

Merchandising in the Pharmacy

In Sartoretto Verna Srl’s vision of the modern pharmacy, the product should take centre stage and dominate the display, while pharmacy fittings should favour the use of the most up-to-date and effective methods of category management.

The high-tech © Ral3 open system of pharmacy furniture introduces new ways of maximising space and innovative techniques of merchandising while still respecting the traditional look of the pharmacy. If necessary, they can be easily integrated with the © Ral1 and © Ral2 modular systems to create a completelyflexible display system that makes the each product stand out and attract the customer’s attention.

The 3 © RalSystem furniture series can be easily installed in any historic building, side by side antique pharmacy furniture. This creates a novel contrast between traditional and more avant gard approaches to pharmacy interior design. Moreover, ©Ral Classic furniture, made according to designs of 16th century cabinets, are ideal for furnishing a herbal medicine or homeopathy department as they identify with the ingredients’ naturalness and the age-old knowledge used to prepare them.

Lighting and other decorative touches complete Sartoretto Verna Srl’s idea of pharmacy interior design, which can be summed up as a synergy between man and his surrounding space, communicating perfection, trust and elegance.

If you have got any doubts, ask one of the pharmacist we have worked for and they will tell you all about the above-average rises in turn they experienced after having had their pharmacy refurbished. We do not just supply fittings but follow pharmacies every step of the way towards success.