®Oliver: the new era for the pharmacy mono station counter

®Oliver is the name of a new functional and innovative mono station counter. Its innovation lies in design and technology. The counter can be 105 cm or 130 cm wide (ideal solution for two workstations), it has a re-suggestible, antibacterial and acid resistant corian top, with an innovative and unique design.

A led light, placed under its gently curved top, emphasizes the wooden grains of its MDF base that can be furnished in different essences or in lacquered wood with all the colors of the Ral variety, or in skai eco-friendly leather with different colors.

The steel brushed baseboard has an indentation that together with its oblique front  assures distance and protection. As a mono station pharmacy counter it has an exceptional equipment: two separate drawers at the base with storage units; plateau with specific dividers for paper and envelops; rapid plug system; three drawers drug with an ultra light aluminum structure and fast flowing system thanks to Teflon buffers.

The frontal part of the drawers has a rounded shape with molded handle bars. The counter was designed by the Ral design Center,  Sartoretto Verna’s internal laboratory, that patented and commercialized the Oliver pharmacy counter all around the world.

Just a few months after Oliver’s launch, dozen of pharmacies from all around the world chose it, and it has also been subjected to a lot of imitations.  An exhibitor whit adjustable shelves can be provided as an accessory to sell over-the-counter products, it can be put between two counters and can be useful as a support for the cash register and for the computer, or can be used as a display rack for pharmaceutical products. Therefore Oliver has all the features of the third millennium pharmacy counter.