Enlightened Business People

Enlightened Business People


Rome, Italy, is the home of the marvellous place of ideas frequented by pharmacists, architects, “goats” and “dragons” and is where the world’s No. 1 pharmacy design magic happens.


                            Architects Luca and Fiona Sartoretto Verna, Managing Director and International Sales Manager


Sartoretto Verna™ is an Italian company run by 3 generations of the Sartoretto family.

Not only does it design pharmacy furniture and unique sales spaces, but also has its own creative lab of renowned architects, businesses and consultants.

Each phase follows a precise and proven method and the whole project is executed by a highly specialized international staff. The planning phase, whether it’s for expansion, refurbishment or a brand new pharmacy aims to ensure the best use of available space thanks to an in-depth structural survey.

Sartoretto Verna™ has won numerous national and international awards for commercial projects and design, boasting a host of patents and unique completed pharmacies in 28 countries across the world.

To fully understand this company’s philosophy, its constant search for the right materials and the extreme attention to detail, you need a visit to the Rome headquarters.

You will be welcomed into a 2000m2  park to then be immersed into a future of architecture, technology, art and avant-garde design in the show-room.

S​artoretto Verna offers a different idea of the pharmacy, one that is NOT commercial and aggressive but PROFESSIONAL. The pharmacy is an interactive and sensorial place for people to share their well-being and that of their loved ones every day.

Runners up of the Design Retail Award 2017, Sartoretto will present ​Easy Chain at the Dusseldorf Euroshop. ​Easy Chain is a minimalist recyclable ABS display system, designed to simplify transportation and to render pharmacy display construction childsplay.

“Our main objective for 2017”, says Managing Director Luca Sartoretto Verna, “is creating ​phygital & green spaces, perfectly integrated with the digital world, sustainable and where people feel good” .