Dr Oppermann’s pharmacy: 270 sq. m of high-tech pharmacy in Hamburg (Germany)

The Oppermann Apotheke
270 sq. m. of high-tech pharmacy in Hamburg Germany

“We chose Sartoretto Verna to help us with the refitting and redesign of our building because of their innovative ideas which adapt very well to daily life in a pharmacy. We were very impressed and excited by their use of lighting and the wide choice of colours available. Due to these two factors, our pharmacy is very different to others in the vicinity and is quite unique. Sartoretto Verna creates beautiful fittings that are also highly functional. The well-lit display shelving makes products stand out and the pharmacy has a tangibly rich atmosphere. Even the sales counters and prescription area make quite an impact on the customer and allow us to use all of the different equipment needed in a modern pharmacy at the same time.”

Dr Claudia Oppermann

Below you can see the new illuminated Plexiglas gondolas with a steel finish that are on wheels

The new back-lit ®Ral System1 display units in plexiglas give the pharmacy’s retail area a contemporary atmosphere. The products seem to float in pure light and are very visible.